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Camtu Pham is pleased to announce that the Vietnamese edition of Aim High Fly Fast has been successfully launched in the US in October 2009. 4th Oct in Westminster, California and 11th Oct in Houston, Texas. The book has the same design as the original version of Aim High Fly Fast and Camtu is donating 10% of all sales to the Fred Hollows Foundation (50% of auction sales at the 2 launches will be donated the foundation and this is an exciting for Camtu, her family and all guests at the two launches .

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View photos & Video of the book launches     Mua sách
Photos of the Launch in CALIFORNIA 4th Oct 2009 Photos of the Launch in TEXAS 11th Oct 2009 Photos & videos of the launch in Australia 0th May 2004
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Book Launch Snapshot

The 20th of May 2004 marked a special day for Camtu Pham, the founder and Managing Director of CleverLink Internet & Technology Services and Food For My Brain International. The Hon. David Campbell MP (Minister for Regional Development, Minister for the Illawarra and Minister for Small Business), formally launched Aim High Fly Fast: How to Create a Wonderful World for Yourself and Others for author Camtu Pham at the University of Wollongong.

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Food For My Brain International is an Australian Company with a global presence. We aim to provide quality resources for those who believe that education is a life long process and think that their brains need healthy and quality FOOD.

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Aim High Fly Fast [ Books ]
How to create a wonderful world for yourself and others

Price $ 25.00 
Author Camtu N. Pham 
Publisher Food For My Brain International 
Year 2004 
ISBN 0-9751626-0-8 
Page 160 Pages 
Aim High Fly Fast was written by Camtu N. Pham, a successful business owner, international speaker and University lecturer in Management and E-Business. Without speaking a word of English, Camtu migrated to Australia from Vietnam in 1984 with her family. Her persistence, positive attitude and motivation to succeed have helped her to overcome major obstacles and achieve many significant goals in her life. In Aim High Fly Fast, Camtu reveals the strategies and techniques that she used to reach her current level of success.

Whether you are just beginning your journey or are an experienced explorer of your own life, this book is for you! A valuable resource for anyone wanting to achieve personal or business success – from high-flying executives to those struggling with daily life – this book offers practical advice and fuel for your brain. Through this book, Camtu will inspire you to discover your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, increase your self-esteem, create and maintain satisfying relationships and show you tools and techniques that can fast-track your success.
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Muc Tieu Cao Thanh Cong Nhanh [Books]
Cach Tao Nen Mot The Gioi Tuyet Voi Cho Chinh Minh va Nhung Nguoi Khac
by Pham Nguyen Cam Tu
Price $20.00
Mục Tiêu Cao - Thành Công Nhanh do Phạm Nguyễn CẩmTú viết và xuất bản, một chủ doanh nghiệp thành công, diễn giả quốc tế và giảng viên trường đại học chuyên ngànhquản lý và thương mại điện tử. Cẩm Tú cùng gia đình từViệt Nam di cư sang Úc vào năm 1984. Dù không có một chút vốn liếng tiếng Anh nhưng sự kiên trì, quan điểm tích cực và động lực vươn lên thành công đã giúp cô vượt quanhững trở ngại lớn và đạt được nhiều mục tiêu quan trọngtrong cuộc sống. Trong cuốn Mục Tiêu Cao - Thành Công Nhanh, Cẩm Tú tiết lộ những chiến lược và kỹ năng màcô đã áp dụng để đạt được thành công như hiện nay củamình.
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Be Seen, Get Known, Move Ahead [Books]
The beginners guide to self promotion
by Robyn Henderson and Marg McAlister
Price $27.50
Beginners guide to self promotion with Robyn Henderson and Margaret McAlister. Everything you wanted to know about building your career and business, writing a book, building a profile and didn't know who to ask.
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